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Scrap recycling in Poland

CMC Poland is the largest recycler of metal scrap in Poland. We are committed to protecting the natural environment and preserving natural resources by accepting for recovery and recycling all classes of metal scrap coming from: 

  • Disassembly of buildings and devices 
  • Disassembly of vehicles withdrawn from use 
  • Processing Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) 
  • Production lines (post-production waste) 
  • Metals processing 

In waste management, our scrap yards handle the following: 

  • Waste transport 
  • Collecting ferrous metals waste 
  • Processing steel scrap (scrap shears, balers, shredders, electric arc furnace EAF) 

Our production capacity of the casting installation ensures processing of supplied metal scrap on a regular basis. 

CMC Poland Mill
General Terms and Conditions of Scrap Metal Collection of CMC Poland Sp. z o.o.
Factory Standard - Processed Steel Scrap
Factory Standard - Unprocessed Scrap

Supplier Code of Conduct

Workplace and Human Rights Policy

Scrap delivered to CMC must be free of hazardous substances and hazardous waste.

Hazardous materials include all substances or articles which may pose a risk to health, safety, property or environment. In particular, hazardous waste specified in the Regulation of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology on occupational safety and health in eliminating hazardous articles, including explosives from the scrap. Materials due to their chemical, physical or biological properties may have the features or form of: 

  • Flammable or explosive materials, ammunition and shells (as a whole, in parts or only ammunition waste) 
  • Tanks under pressure, closed or opened insufficiently of any origin; in the winter time, also the ice- or water-filled tanks and vessels that may explode 
  • Radioactive materials in sealed containers, even if no considerable external radioactivity has been found due to the protective covers or localization in scrap delivery 
  • Materials emitting dangerous radiation, particularly the materials whose radioactivity exceeds the background level natural for CMC Poland Sp. z o.o. 
  • Materials containing or emitting substances endangering the natural environment or steel manufacturing technology 
  • Materials possessing caustic, irritating, toxic or carcinogenic activity 

Additionally, supplied scrap must be free of: 

  • Waste in the form of complete or incomplete used electrical and electronic equipment and parts coming from used equipment (we do accept scrap coming from the dismantling of used electronic and electric equipment, which is transferred to further recycling process or recovery by authorized entities); 
  • Any kind of hazardous waste defined pursuant to provisions of the Act on waste such as: 
    • Waste in the form of packages from hazardous substances and contaminated by hazardous substances (i.e. barrels, vessels, buckets, cans containing pictogram labelling indicating that they could have had contact with hazardous materials/ substances or without pictograms but still indicating that they could have had contact with hazardous materials/ substances, as well as pressure packs)
    • Oil filters 
    • Batteries 
    • Capacitors 
    • Batteries/ accumulators 


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