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Corporate Executives

  • Peter Matt

    Peter Matt

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul Lawrence

    Paul Lawrence

    Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Jody Absher

    Jody Absher

    Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary

  • Jennifer Durbin

    Jennifer Durbin

    Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Ty Garrison

    Ty Garrison

    Sr. Vice President Operations

Operations Senior Management

  • Steve Simpson

    Steve Simpson

    Vice President, Central Division

  • Rob McClean

    Rob McClean

    Vice President, West Division

  • Brian Halloran

    Brian Halloran

    Vice President, Northeast Division

  • Greg Brandon

    Greg Brandon

    Vice President, Southeast Division

  • Michael Doucet

    Michael Doucet

    Vice President, Commercial

  • Mike Lawrence

    Mike Lawrence

    Vice President, Tensar Division

  • Brad Cottrell

    Brad Cottrell

    Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer

  • Andy Sarat

    Andy Sarat

    Vice President, Engineering, Technology & Innovation

  • Wojciech Wieclawik

    Wojciech Wieclawik

    Managing Director, CMC Poland

  • Chris Westrick

    Chris Westrick

    Vice President, Sustainability & Government Affairs

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